What Should I Do if I Have to Go Through Clearing?

Clearing is one of those difficult things to look into. You may find yourself, wondering what is clearing? It can mean that you maybe didn’t get into the university that you wanted to get into and it can mean a lot of work going into finding a way to get into the university of your dreams. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best things for you to consider for when clearing eventually rolls around again, check them out below:


Remember that Not All Universities Will Take Part in Clearing:

There are a number of universities that do not participate in clearing. The main reason for this? Their courses fill out too quickly. Simple as that, really. Plenty of universities don’t feel the need to have their courses go through Clearing; universities like Cambridge or Oxford do not offer any sort of clearing opportunities for their people, as their is little to not need to do that, given the prestige of the university, their strict acceptance rules and their course popularity, however, other universities will offer Clearing and they are able to be seen online too. Remember too, that when you take up a university place through Clearing, the university that you sign up for, will want to know why you didn’t get into your original choice, don’t be too put off by this, it’s just the standard thing that they will ask, as they have a number of set university interview questions.

You Can Also Trade Up Places:

Many people prepare for the worst, you’ll start thinking that you’re not going to get the university grades that you need. However, a surprising number of students overachieve their grades! If you find yourself to be included amongst that lucky bunch, then you may be eligible to enter into UCAS Adjustment (This is different for UCAS Clearing, as they don’t work the same way, you will need to learn how to use Clearing on UCAS), which is not too dissimilar to Clearing. You’re able to keep your choices on, if you wish, however, you can also look for more demanding courses, if you so wish, which gives you ample time to change the qualification if you want to. Trading places (Not, no the film) is something that a lot of students do every year, so don’t worry, it’s a fairly regular occurrence.

Clearing Starts Way Before Results Day:

Whilst clearing will only really matter on the day you get your results, it’s best to be prepared if you need it. If you miss out on your university place that you wanted and you’re willing to look elsewhere for a new university place, then then you should probably go and sign up for Clearing. The results on the day will dictate whether or no you need to go through the process or not, it’s worth keeping an eye on it anyway, though. Sign-up in advance and then go for there, if you need to use Clearing, then you have it there for you and if you don’t need it, then you’ve dodged a bullet! But don’t worry if you do use Clearing, anyway! Just make sure that you leave yourself enough time to find where to live, be sure to look online and see how to find last minute accommodation after clearing.

Time to Go Mobile:

There are plenty of different of different ways to apply for clearing and all off them are great, whether you do it online or by mobile, methods for applying for clearing are always valid. However, there are many mobile applications available, too. As in the case of University Compare’s Clearing app, you can call in-app, you can add your favourite universities to your profile and you can apply easily, at any time that you like, as well as seeing recommended courses or universities for you. The app, will be there for you when you need to apply, however, there are also other applications available too, so get downloading!

For any more advice check out University Compare, a university comparison site that compares over 36,000 degree courses across 425 institutes and offers education advice, personal statement library, guidance and student discounts.

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