Tips For 2016 O Level Chemistry Students

Many students are preparing for their O level chemistry test and they don’t know where to start. Many students spend hours of studying but they seem to know very little still. O level chemistry makes most students worry and parents pressure their children to studying for long hours. You need to study in a way that you will not cramp your brain. Good study habits will help you pass. Here are some tips for O level chemistry students for the year 2016:

Learn The Basic Of Chemistry

It is very important that you learn and understand the basics of chemistry. You will not be able to understand anything about chemistry if you haven’t learned the basics yet. In most processes, a lot of basic concepts are used for you to be on the right track. It will also be easier for you to understand all succeeding topics if you have the primary concepts mastered.

Memorize The Terms, Symbols, Equations And Spelling 

Chemistry uses a lot of terms and symbols. These terms and symbols are important in creating an equation. You will be able to understand and solve equations easier and faster if you know your terms and symbols. It is important that along with these terms and symbols, you should memorize the spelling of everything as well. Making a mistake with the spelling may become a mark down on your test. Memorizing terms and symbols will make your chemistry learning easier.

Google Is Your Friend

If there is something that you didn’t understand, try to Google it. It will help you find the answers you are looking for. Making your own research will help you better understand the topics. Research will help you find supporting facts that will make it easier for you to understand chemistry topics. There are different sites that will come up on your search that will help you with your chemistry studies.  Once you have searched for the answer to your question, it is better to research and look for other answers just to make sure you are on the right track.

Study Chemistry With Friends

Understanding chemistry will be better with the help of other minds. They will be able to help you with your weaknesses and you will be able to help them too. Comparing your understanding with theirs will allow you to better understand chemistry. It would be fun studying chemistry with friends. It will give you motivation to be better than everyone else, which means that you will be studying harder to understand chemistry.

Study With A Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry tutors know a lot on how to teach students to understand chemistry better. One on one classes with a chemistry tutor will allow you to study and focus on the chemistry topics. You will be able to understand deeper and faster as well. It would be a good step to have a tutor since you will be able to interact and let him know what you have learned and what you need more time to learn.

Check For The Available O Level Chemistry Test Guides

Knowing what you need to study will make the whole process of preparing for O level chemistry test less stressful. You will be able to focus studying on what is needed. The handouts and study guides for the O level test will be able to prepare you for what is coming. You will be able to analyze what are the areas that you need to concentrate on. Many students tend to waste time in studying topics that are not needed.

Study hard and take plenty of rest and healthy food. Your mind and body should both be prepared for the  test. Don’t stress yourself with over thinking and worrying that you are going to fail. Just study hard and use these tips to make things easier for you.

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