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The stunning tendency of educational institutes towards the advancement definitely brings impressive results in the process of communication and collaboration with the clients. Modern days offer several sources of information handling and management in the form of CRM software’s, but how to choose that one suitable CRM platform with an innovative and functional feature set at a competitive price?

If this question has crossed your mind, then you may have surfed for the options, SuiteCRM is probably the best option as a helpful CRM that is really productive for a moderate price. Following are some the points to give you the valid reasons that why you should consider SuiteCRM Implementation in the higher education institutions of India.

How does SuiteCRM Implementation work for faculty?

As it is open-source, it can be conveniently downloaded from the internet. Free SuiteCRM implementation can enable the management of the organization of Indian institutes to perform following tasks.

  • It allows the faculty to analyze, manage and handle all documents and other forms of data.
  • The workflow efficiently optimizes the collaboration of departments and teamwork along with distributing the leads and tasks.
  • The extensive reporting helps to monitor the progress and accomplishment in the success of students.
  • Along with the reporting results, invoices and quotes are provided for setting up the ground for the future opportunities, as well as in sending out the emails and scheduling calls.
  • The extended analysis is offered that may concern the students’ details, upcoming opportunities of their career success and their behavior toward the career counseling.
  • Requirements gathering enable the faculty to forecast the tendency and capability of current and prospective students.
  • Several custom modules are offered to make and recognize the changes in the education industry.
  • Calendar and notes help in controlling the internal communication processes and modifications in an institute.
  • SuiteCRM possesses the ability of document integration which allows the access to data that is constantly updated.
  • The SuiteCRM implementation offers varying categories for different extensions, such as for administration and reporting improvement etc.
  • It also provides many plugins for email, productivity, and social media integration.
  • The levels of support include telephone, email, and self-service portal and instant messenger support.

How does SuiteCRM Implementation work for students?

As a matter of fact that free  is focused on the betterment of communication between the faculty and students; it offers benefits on both sides. Here are some of the major advantages the students can get from this widely used CRM platform.

  • They can maintain healthy relationships with their parents, other students and members of the faculty.
  • They can main and track the information as well as the records.
  • They can have seamless integrations with teachers, parents, and other students.
  • They can enable the automatic greetings feature and stay in touch with parents on occasions
  • They can manage their dates and schedules with the help of calendars, dashboards and event reminders.
  • They can integrate with Tally for Accounting
  • They can receive periodic information, such as the results etc from the teachers.
  • They can sign-in to the website and read the informative published material.
  • They can participate in online discussion rooms, online classrooms and guides offered by the universities.

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