Making Learning Easy For Weak Students

Classrooms are fun for the intelligent student who can pick up lessons fast. However, if a student is weak in a specific subject he or she cannot cope up with the pace and lags behind. It is here that the student needs extra help however most of the time, teachers cannot stop their lessons mid-way to help them. It is here that a Company in the USA steps in to help weak students grasp the concepts and fundamentals of a subject without hassles at all. The name of this Company is The Great Courses and it is the brainchild of Thomas M Rollins.

The evolution of The Great Courses

Thomas M Rollins was a student of Harvard Law College and as a student he found a subject very boring. He just could not grasp the subject well as the teacher could not make it interesting. As a result he developed a great aversion to the subject and he avoided studying it. The day of the examinations approached and so he found a set of 10 videotapes of the subject by an eminent lecturer. He switched on his TV and started to watch these modules. He found the subject to be very interesting. The subject he disliked suddenly became enjoyable only due to one teacher. He appeared for the test the next day and passed with good marks. This led him to create the Thomas M Rollins Teaching modules to help students who face the same predicament as him when it comes to learning.

In 1989 he left government service to create The Great Courses and help students in the nation. Today, the Company believes in life- long learning and so it gives its students 100% satisfaction when it comes to interactive learning online!

Best teachers are now accessible online

The student can find video tapes online created by some of the best teachers in the USA. Their sessions are recorded live and made into discs. They are marketed by The Great Courses online and students are available to buy them as per their needs from the website. The courses are created in an interactive manner so that students who are weak or find the subject boring will start enjoying them once they see them at home. Home study also allows the student to revise the lessons that have been taught. The modules are made in a simple format and there are no tests and homework to be done. You also get the benefits of free shipping when you order a specific amount of course modules. You can save both time and money in the process.

The Thomas M Rollins Teaching modules are a boon to students who are weak in some academic subjects and fail to pick up the lessons taught in class. These modules are widely resorted to by students of all subjects. They effectively can learn at their own pace and progress in the academic arena. When it comes to education and learning, these modules are a boon to the modern student of today.


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