Let’s start a college

MELBOURNE, FL: Professional Standards Institute today announced the development project of a new college to provide high quality college education at a very reasonable cost to those who need and desire an education.

Professional Standards Institute (PSI) is building a fully accredited on-line college that will solve many problems that students encounter at other colleges. These problems include 1) high tuition cost; 2) difficult admissions requirements; 3) issues with scheduling flexibility; 4) inadequate degree and course relevancy and marketability; and 5) lack of “real” graduate job placement assistance. After several years of researching these and other issues PSI has designed an infrastructure and business model to provide quality degree programs that will meet or exceed State Department of Education (DOE) licensing requirements and Accreditation Board requirements – all while solving the problems mentioned above. In addition, PSI has a plan that would provide several tuition scholarships and grants each year.

The cost of college is astronomical! In addition, colleges nickel and dime students to death with fees, such as admission fees, graduation fees, transfer fees, technology fees, registration fees, student activity fees, and many others. Fees often add a significant amount to tuition costs, sometimes doubling the costs. Costs for a basic two-year associate degree at private colleges can be as high as $38,000 or more, and double for a bachelor’s degree. PSI has designed a business model and infrastructure that would reduce the cost of a degree by up to 75% – and there would not be any fees. In addition, as part of this project, a not-for-profit foundation would be established to provide tuition scholarships and grants. The foundation will be staffed by volunteers so 100% of all donations would go to scholarships and grants.

Most schools have strict and sometimes very difficult admissions requirements, such as credit transfer rules, GPA requirements, admissions tests, and letters of recommendations. One goal of the new school is to make getting into college extremely easy. The admission requirements and credit transfer policy will be what are minimally required by State DOE requirements and Accreditation Boards. Additionally, there will not be any enrollment periods. Admissions will be a very quick and easy process.

Many students regularly have issues with scheduling flexibility of courses. Students have to wait for the start of a term and often find out the courses they need or want are not offered during that term. This can cause delays in degree completion. With the design of the new business model, students will be able to enroll in courses at any time because the schedule will not be based on terms and all courses will be on line and available at any time.

Three important aspects of a degree program include the marketability of the degree, course relevancy to the degree program, and overall quality of the program. These aspects are often missing. PSI has engineered processes to overcome these issues. A needs analysis of all programs and courses will ensure they are current and relevant, and are based on the knowledge and skills “employers” are looking for. The courses will focus on how to apply the knowledge students learn in a course rather than just bookwork or memorization. In addition, the courses will be smaller, bite-sized, and cover the specific information needed to master the skills. They will not be extended out just to meet minimum course size requirements. Detailed review processes will ensure the programs and courses remain current and relevant. Additionally, all professors will be required to have several years of “real world” experience in their field of expertise and not just a college degree. Students will greatly benefit from this experience being passed on to them in their courses.

An essential need of college graduates is assistance with job placement after graduation. The new college will address this issue head on. First, partnerships with employment agencies, recruiters, and employers will be established. Second a specialized on-line jobs board will be created and launched. Graduates will be able to post their resumes at no cost. Employers and recruiters will be able to search and access those resumes and will be able to post jobs to the job site that our graduates will be able to access. A trained career counselor will be on staff to provide graduates with career guidance, answer questions, and review resumes. Additionally, graduates will have access to professional development and continuing education courses. Professional development and continuing education is a critical aspect of any person’s career after college.

For more information, tracking the progress of this project, or learn how you can get involved in the project, please visit www.ePoly.org

Professional Standards Institute (PSI) is dedicated to the establishment, development, and preservation of high professional standards and ethics. PSI provides professional development training and professional career certifications that focus on those traits. For more information on PSI, please visit www.ProfessionalStandardsInstitute.com.

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