How to Prepare for IIT JEE Entrance Examination?

IIT JEE preparation opens many gates to fulfil career goals of engineering aspirants. Strong fundamentals in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry are the foundations of a bright future. It is your IIT JEE preparation that prepares you for better grades in engineering colleges, interviews for handsome-paying jobs, higher studies and the list goes up to infinity.

The pattern of JEE has gone through a progression over the years. Presently, there are two steps for JEE: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. So, how should you prepare for IIT JEE? Join an IIT JEE coaching institute in Delhi or Mumbai and go with the flow is definitely not the right path. So, how should you go for it? Let’s have a look:

Managing Time

Before you know how to prepare for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, it is essential to know time management tips. Make a priority list and follow the order. Do not involve yourself too much in other activities. Learn to say no to family functions and get-together with friends. Avoid procrastinating as it will postpone your study plans. Set a time table and follow it rigorously.

Following Schedule

After waking up in the morning, spend 15-20 minutes to plan your day. To utilize your time efficiently, organize your calendar for upcoming tests and preparations to save your time. Create a priority list and see what cannot be skipped like classes, meals, IIT JEE coaching classes and seminars. Keep a close watch on your health too. Practice Yoga or exercise to reduce your stress level. Do not rush your schedule and sleep enough to relax your mind.

Knowing Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The syllabus for JEE Main & Advanced is immense and to get a good rank, it is important to go through all the subjects and have mastery in it. The right way to excel in a subject is to go through important topics thoroughly and then practice various problems relevant to the topic. Certain topics in JEE Main & Advanced are high scoring, so emphasis should be as per the exam pattern.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

JEE Main & Advanced examiners have to check the students’ performance. Every year, same concepts are tested to set the integrity to make the way through IITs or NITs. And do not forget that questions are repetitive sometimes. Practicing previous years’ question papers helps to understand the examiner’s mind set.

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