How to Help Your Child Establish a Homework Routine

Today’s students are constantly surrounded by distractions such as cell phones, video games and the Internet. This can often make sitting down to do homework or study after school very difficult to do. It s necessary that you help your child establish a regular, disciplined homework routine after school hours in order to help them succeed in the classroom and learn responsibility. Here are some tips to help to implement this homework routine with your own children.

First, it is important to sit down with your child and agree upon a daily homework schedule that works during their busy day. Consider how much time will be needed, on average, to complete assignments. Hang up a calendar for each day so that your child can see their schedule and plan other activities accordingly.


Remind your child to keep a planner with them at school. In this planner they should write down all assignments and due dates for each of their classes. This will teach them strong organizational skills and will help you to stay in the loop.

Once you have agreed upon a schedule, give your child a specific area where he or she can work. This area should be in a quiet part of your home such as an office or a desk in the bedroom. Make sure homework is done at this desk and not in front of the television or on the bed where kids are prone to distractions or even naps! The area should be well lit and stocked with necessary supplies like pens, pencils, calculators and books.

Supervise while your student is working. You don’t need to enroll your kids in online tutoring to see progress and discipline. You can encourage your child by being there when they need help and making sure they stay focused at homework time. This doesn’t mean you need to hover over their shoulder the entire time, but you should establish a presence so that your student know you have an eye on them. Also, you should be there for help, advice, or a second pair of eyes as needed. While they are working, you can read your own book so that they know it is a quiet time for work to be done. Once they finish assignments, check their work over. This way they can correct any mistakes, and you can ensure that they actually did everything they were supposed to.

Reward you child for a week of well-done work, If your student sticks to a regular routine without putting up a fight, reward them with something meaningful at the end of the week such as a special dessert tor a trip to the movies. This will show them that hard work pays off and that you are proud of their dedication and commitment.

Implementing a homework routine in your home does not have to be a chore. If you establish clear, specific expectations, your student will be motivated to succeed and will develop strong study and organizational skills that will serve them for many years to come.

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