Choosing A Good English Learning School Suited To Your Needs

Nearly every university in Manchester has an English course for those who are not native speakers of the language. Moreover, there are many other organizations and small institutions that offer good English courses. If you are not sure which one you should choose, here are a few considerations that will narrow down your choices.

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Recognition and accreditation

Some institutions are accredited by the government or organizations like the British Council, while others are not. The ones that are recognized by the government:

  • Are checked regularly for the quality of course
  • Generally adhere to higher standards of teaching and course material
  • Are a bit more expensive than other courses

If you want a cheap course to learn just enough English to do your work properly, you can join an unaccredited institution. They too have good courses, but you may need to ask around about their quality from former and present students to make sure you will get a good education in English.


If you have come to the UK from a country that does not natively speak English, you will first enrol for a basic language course. Here you may find people from multiple nationalities. This makes some students more excited, while others feel alienated. If you want more variety, join a course where the class has mixed nationality.

Conversely, if you want to feel more comfortable while learning English, you may find a community course that has students from your own country. This may allow you to talk and express more freely. However, you may learn English in Manchester much more easily, if you have a greater variety of people.

Class size

English courses in Manchester vary from one on one style classes to large classrooms with dozens of students. Here are a few things you might like to know:

  • Some foreign students are comfortable mixing with students from other countries
  • They find it easier to concentrate and learn in large classrooms where they are not the focus of attention
  • Other students prefer a more intense learning style with smaller class sizes
  • many students prefer direct coaching from a personal English teacher

There is no one right of class that will suit everybody. There is also no wrong class size. Decide what type of coaching you are more comfortable with and choose that type of course.

English language level

Before you enrol in an English course in Manchester, you also want to find out what levels you can learn up to. You might want to:

  • choose a basic course that allows you to then upgrade to a higher level course
  • find a course that prepares you for English proficiency exams like the IELTS for further studies and immigration
  • join a conversation class that teaches you fluency and improves your pronunciation and vocabulary by making you converse with other participants

These are the main criteria that you need to decide on before you choose an organization for an English learning course. Once you have answered these questions, your choices will have narrowed down to just a few, making your decision much easier.

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Stephen Heyer is an experienced English tutor, and he has many years of experience working with one of Manchester’s best English teaching academies. If you are looking for the best institution to learn English in Manchester, please visit their website.

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