An Apple for the Teacher

These New iPad Apps That Help Teachers in the Classroom are Impressive

An Apple for the Teacher

It used to be that kids would give an apple to their teachers. Now it looks like Apple Computers have decided to give something else to the teachers, and this time it’s a whole new digital world of education. The iPod and iPad products have made things easier for a lot of people over the years, and that includes many professions that require quick online access and programs that make time consuming tasks go by in an instant. Now these new iPad Apps that help teachers in the classroom are breaking new grounds and paving the way for creating newer and better ways for teachers to educate children on a variety of lessons. Additionally, these apps are also useful for:

Organizing lessons plans
Scheduling important dates
Providing source material for important subjects
Calculating grades and test averages

Assistant Pro

One App in particular that has gotten very popular with teachers who use their iPod and iPad for class is Teacher’s Assistant Pro. With Teacher’s Assistant Pro a teacher can keep track of student behavior and achievements made as a class in one quick and easy to access location. Any of these behavior and achievement changes can then be documented and sent out to parents and other administrators via e-mail. The app also allows for the teacher to organize the documents and keep all the various tasks and assignments free from clutter. It’s fully customizable meaning that a teacher can adjust the App to suit the needs of their particular classroom.

Documents Wherever and Whenever

These new iPad Apps that help teachers in the classroom can also help them transfer their documents from home into their iPad devices. If there’s a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even a PDF file that needs to be sent from the teacher’s desktop to the class tablet, the Docs Anywhere App will help make the transfer between the digital devices through the use of USB ports and the iTunes program. This way any teacher will be able to take their work to the classroom to either finish up or show off as part of a lesson plan. There are also e-mail options where the teacher can store the documents after using them.

Mathematical Formulas

For just under a dollar teachers can have the ultimate conduit that references all kinds of mathematical formulas from all kinds of educational lessons taught across the country at their fingertips. Sometimes teachers don’t always have the right answers on them, so when a complex formula is proving to be difficult for everyone in the class, this App which is one of these new iPad Apps that help teachers in the classroom will give the teachers access to a bevy of information relating to any question.

Teaching the Teachers

Teachers may know a lot of things, but sometimes they need a little help from time to time. With these teaching aid Apps and more, it goes to show that there’s an App for just about anything within an Apple product.

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